Tiger Lily

The orange in the wings of the butterfly is pure Cadmium Orange and the blue is a mixture of Ultramarine Blue with a small amount of Titanium White.

“Tiger Lily” – WIP 3

I mixed Cadmium Red and Sap Green for the shadow areas to shape the flower and stems a bit more.

“Tiger Lily” – WIP 2

I painted the flower shapes using a mixture of Cadmium Red and Cadmium Yellow. I used Titanium White for the lighter shadows, but added a little bit more Cadmium Yellow every time I added the white because I wanted to emphasize the warmth of the sunshine where it hits the flower.

10 Lessons I have learned as an artist

1. Always start with the fundamentals. I regularly do exercises specifically focusing on each of the fundamentals of art. Even artists who has painted for years, need to continually refresh their practice of all these fundamentals.